UX folio - FAQ


Can I embed prototypes in my projects?

Sure, you can embed Axure, Invision and Marvel prototypes by copying the iframe code to a prototype section.

Embedding an Axure prototype
1. Find your Axure prototype on axshare.com
2. Find the URL of the project (3rd column in the table)
3. Copy the link
4. Paste it in the Prototype section of UXfol.io
5. Once you paste your code a width and a height input field appears
6. Set the width and height of your Axure prototype

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Embedding an Invision mobile prototype
(note: Currently, Invision doesn't allow web prototype embedding.)
1. Open your Invision project
2. In the header section click on the three dots
3. Click on Embed Prototype
4. Click on Iframe
5. Copy the link
6. Paste it in the Prototype section of UXfol.io

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Embedding a Marvel prototype
1. Open your Marvel project
2. Click on Share
3. Click on Embed
4. Copy the link
5. Paste it in the Prototype section of UXfol.io

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If the prototype doesn't appear, make sure
- You used the proper URL or embed code as written above
- The project you are linking to is public and can be viewed by others

Can I set a custom URL for my profile containing my name?

Yes, you can set a custom URL to your profile in your account settings. Your portfolio's URL will look like this: uxfol.io/username. You can set any username, it can be your name or anything else you prefer.

Can I set password protection for some of my projects? Much of my work in my portfolio is under NDA and I would like to share it only with specific people.

You can set password protection for any of your projects. First make sure to publish the project, then you can add any password by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the project's thumbnail. Please note that this feature is only available in the standard and premium plans.

Can I create more portfolios with different projects in each? I would like to send different projects to the different employers I am having an interview with.

Yes, you can create different portfolios with unique links to share it with specific people. So you can add your projects into portfolios and then you can send the relevant portfolio to the recruiter or employer when you are applying for a job. This way, it will be available only for the people you send the unique link to.

How will the pages of the different portfolios look like?

Actually, the different portfolios' pages would look the same. So if you add your projects into different portfolios and then you send the relevant portfolio to the recruiter or employer when you are applying for a job, they will see a profile page just like you can see as your profile page. The only difference between the different portfolios - besides the different projects in it, of course - will be the different IDs in their URLs. A portfolio's URL will look like this: "https://www.uxfol.io/portfolio/portfolio-ID/portfolio-name"

How do I showcase longer pages when using a mockup, and make the content inside scrollable?

You can add a scrollable mockup by simply adding a longer page to the mockup. The mockup will keep its size and the content inside will be scrollable.

Is there any way to customize the home page of my UXfol.io profile?

We have three profile templates to choose from. You can change your template by clicking on the Change Template button on your profile page.

If you are a standard or premium user, you can also change your template's colours and layout by clicking on the 'Customize Template' link at the bottom of the Change Template sidebar.

Can password-protected sites still be used for UXfolio’s advertising purposes? Or are the password-protected projects discoverable in any public databases?

No, your data protection is important for us and we understand your intention that these projects are only for you and the people you share these with.

Data and privacy protection is really important for us too and we respect that you would like to protect your projects under NDA. Therefore, we provide reassurance to protect these using our password protection feature. Draft projects or projects under password protection cannot be used for advertising purposes."

Can I resign any moment if I decide not to use UXfol.io anymore?

Sure, we only have monthly subscription option, so you don't have to commit yourself. You can decide how long you would like to use UXfol.io. You can cancel your standard or premium subscription by switching to free plan.

What will happen to my projects if I subscribe for some time and then go back to free plan? Will you still keep them if I decide to subscribe later on?

You will not lose your project, we will keep them. If you change to free plan after using the standard or premium one, you can still keep all your projects created, but you will be able to have only one public one, all your others projects will become draft ones. You will be able to publish these again once you resubscribe to standard or premium plan.

How can I delete my account?

You will be able to delete your account under your account settings. It is still under development, until it will not be launched, please send us an email and we will delete your account manually: info@uxfol.io.

Can I have my UXfol.io portfolio on my own domain?

Yes, in order to reach your portfolio from your own domain, you'll first need to point your URL to your UXFolio Portfolio. To do this, you must modify your domain's DNS settings. This step will be done through your DNS provider, not through UXFolio. Completing this is a bit different for each service, but it will likely consist of:

  • Modify the default A record for the root of your domain name (yoururl.com). The A record should be set to the IP addresses listed in your UXfolio Settings (
  • Modify the A record for your "www" subdomain (www.yoururl.com). This A record should also be set to the IP addresses listed in your UXfolio Settings (

(A Record stands for "Address Record." This is a type of DNS record that can be used to point your domain name to a static IP address.)

This is what a correct DNS set up looks like (will vary depending on what DNS provider you choose):

Type Name Value TTL
A @ 1 Hour
A www 1 Hour

Finally, enter your Own Domain in the UXfolio settings (Login to UXfol.io, click on your avatar in the top right-hand corner, "Settings" > "Domain"). Enter your Own Domain and click "Apply".
*Please enter the root domain (without www in front).

*PLEASE NOTE: When you connect a custom domain to your site, you're changing its DNS (Domain Name System) settings. These changes can take anywhere between 24 and 72 hours to start working properly. Domain providers refer to this waiting period as "propagation time," or the time it takes for changes to update throughout the web.

Additionally, below are links to DNS-related articles for a few popular domain host services. Should you encounter issues regarding how to adjust A Records and other DNS settings, these will be a great first step to getting them solved!

Select your DNS provider from the list below to get some tips on how to make the changes:

- GoDaddy
- NetworkSolutions
- DreamHost
- iWantMyName
- Bluehost
- Media Temple
- Google Apps
- 1and1
- 123reg
- NameSilo

Do you have any other questions, suggestions, requests or feedback?

We'd love to know your opinion as we are constantly developing UXfol.io according to our users' feedback. Let us know if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback. Your request can be the next developed one! ️️🙂 Just send us an email: info@uxfol.io