Digital Art Therapy
Ginger Poole
UX Mobile Design Lead @ Cigna

Digital Art Therapy

Helping pre-teens and young adults

After completing my masters in counseling and art therapy, I started a private practice using technology with teens.

In 2013 I was asked to present at the NC LPC conference and developed this deck for my presentation. It was based on my 3-year practice with pre-teens and adults. Soon after, I decided to return to tech instead of being a full-time therapist to impact more people with digital technology.

Digital Art Therapy

Young people connect art and technology naturally.

Digital Art Therapy

CBT cartoon example

Clients created collages, drew on Waacam Tablets (iPads didn't have pencils then) and created cartoons.

Digital Art Therapy

A term I coined still used today.

Digital Art Therapy
Digital app concept
Digital Art Therapy


I saw the need for the ability to create a visual journal quickly and easily so I created wireframes for a potential solution. 

  • I explored how a person could make a collage and incorporate it with words and feelings.
  • I made low fidelity wireframes in Photoshop to try out the idea.
  • I didn't complete the concept as it was the early days of the iPad. This concept would be great these days, even on a mobile phone. I may revisit it.

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