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Kathleen Dye
UX/UI Designer
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Sensi Mobile App

UI Design // UX Research

Sensi Mobile App

My Role

I work for Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions team supporting the Sensi thermostat product line as a user experience designer. On this project, I came in to work with the team on various improvements for the Sensi mobile app. 

Wi-Fi Thermostat Control

The Sensi mobile app provides homeowners with an easy way to control their Sensi Wi-Fi Controlled Thermostat from anywhere. The Sensi mobile team supports both an iOS and Android versions of the app.

Working With the Mobile Team

App Flow Chart

One of the first things I did when I joined the Sensi mobile team was to map out the flow of our entire app. I mapped out the iOS and Android flows separately to show all the differences.

Creating the chart allowed me to get a very clear picture of our app and helped me to identify several screens that we could change to greatly simplify the app experience. At the time our development team was changing some of our app infrastructure behind the scenes and many of these changes were able to save them valuable time and helped to improve the experience for our users!

Sensi Mobile App

Making Incremental Improvements

Sensi Mobile App

Improving usability

One of the main features of the Sensi thermostat app allows you to set up a schedule for your thermostat to help save energy. We had seen in other usability tests and through Appsee videos that scheduling needed to be simplified. 

I made a number of small improvements that were able to make a big impact on the usability of the feature. I ensured that each button was clearly labeled, removed unnecessary steps and simplified the entire process. 

Sensi Mobile App

Testing changes

We needed to change the location of where our settings lived in our app but we wanted to make the decision carefully. We did some simple click tests to learn if users would look inside of settings for the schedule or if having a schedule icon would perform better. 

The heat maps show where users clicked to find the schedule feature. We tested two versions to help us understand where users would look for those options.

Sensi Mobile App

Information architecture

We used a Treejack test to help update our information architecture when adding a new feature to our app. The test helped us to validate that the location we were planning to put our geolocation feature was a logical place for users to find.

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