Youse - Life Insurance
Beto Lima
UX / UI Designer
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Youse - Life Insurance

A new experience to contract Life Insurance

About the company

In 2015 Caixa Seguradora the main and most traditional Insurance Company in Brazil, founded the Youse Seguros. The idea was create the first Insurance company with online sale process in Brazil. In 8 months we developed three products: Auto Insurance, Home and Life. 

UX team / My role

The teams were sorted by products. I belonged to Life Insurance squad where I was responsible for all Desktop / Mobile experience. There were two designers per squad and during all the process kept at the best and more effective communication and consistency between products.

Design Process


Along with a consultancy, we have conducted some research to identify our target audience. Issues such as buying habits, demographic data, and digital inclusion have helped us have insights to follow through with the project.

Youse - Life Insurance


Based on the people we noticed the need to create a product with a market differential and being fully digital, could contribute a lot to people's lives.

The proximity of the users to the brokers served as the main insight to create a conversational interface and the buying flow is almost a "conversation".

Youse - Life Insurance


After analyzing the research data and creating the personas, we set out to structure the sales flow. We created the paper prototypes.

At this point we decided to do something totally different from the market and that was in line with the brand's value proposition: to empower people and to dare. The whole process was a lot of fun and in a way this collaboration integrated all us.

UI - Sales flow

After this process, we began to develop sales flow layouts where each designer worked individually, but always communicating to maintain maximum consistency in the components, even knowing that each flow had its particularity.

This step was very interesting because we saw that some brand colors didn't  work very well for Error and successes messages. So we came back to inicial UI stage and create something totally different.

Youse - Life Insurance


What did I Learn?

  • If you to do something news you must to do in the new way
  • process are very important
  • Engage developers in the stage of ideation



In addition to developing the UI, I developed the illustrations of the products together with 2 other designers. Already we had a brief created by a Branding studio that served as a starting point for all language of illustration. We always try to pass the branding concept on the illustrations: delightful, fun and cheerful using the use of metaphors to escape the conventional.

Youse - Life Insurance


Youse - Life Insurance

"Beto is a great professional throughout the entire UX process. He really took ownership of all projects and is valuable for the team. It was such a pleasure to work with him! I recommend him without any reservations at all."

Suzi Sarmiento - UX Strategist at Caixa Seguradora

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