Eleojo Emmanuel
UX/UI Designer
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Mobile Game

The project

Name It or Face It (NIFI) is a mobile game designed to help people learn new things across different fields in an entertaining way. You can play the game online with a friend (deputy). This mobile version is an adapted version of the TV game show.

My role

As the UX designer on this project, I collaborated with the product team to adapt the TV version for the mobile edition. This involved making key design decisions to ensure that the original TV experience is not lost in the mobile edition. Also,  to ensure that the mobile version is not 'loaded' with the features in the TV version to the point that mobile users get to suffer a feature overload.  

I also created the logo, colour scheme, UI and I am working with the developers to complete the product.



Sketching on paper makes it easy for me to quickly express ideas as they come. For this project, I made multiple sketches of the various screens to share with the team for immediate feedback. 

User Flows

I created user flows for every task that users are to perform on the app. This was really helpful as it helped the product owners to 'x-ray' the app and collectively we were able to agree on the flow that best aligns with the TV experience before testing them with users.


Prototyping & Testing

Once the flow was right, I created prototypes from the wireframes to enable us to run tests with users.

The insights gained were helpful. For instance, I initially used a green ring around the deputy's avatar to notify the player that the deputy had an answer to the question. We discovered that users missed the notification.

We updated the prototype with a bell moving from the left to the right and it worked!


UI Design

After the multiple revisions made to the prototype based on the feedback from users, I moved on to create high fidelity designs and components to ensure consistency and reuse.

The designs were done in Figma which made it easy to invite developers for a handoff.

After The Fact


This project was really challenging and interesting because we were adapting a mobile game from a TV game show. Balancing the expectations of both the TV and mobile game players was the highlight of the project. 

I succeeded in the end because users (players) were involved in all stages of the project. The feedback from them formed the building blocks of this project. Always keep users at the centre of your design...well, that's why it's called User Experience.

"Great work as always Ele. Thanks"

Nick Orakwue - CEO Learnation International