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Cem Selçuk

Turkcell Smart Home

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Turkcell smart home

Turkcell Smart Home is a native mobile and web platform which enables its users to keep track of the energy consumptions of their home appliances, manage their heater system remotely, create smart rules to help them on their daily lives and create security measures against theft, smoke-gas-fire, and flood. 

My role

It was a very ambitious internet of things project, and I took part in it as a product designer. In this project, I had a variety of responsibilities from designing wireframes and user interfaces, moderating user interview and usability tests. Here are the bits that I've worked on;

Turkcell Smart Home

Home page  & Device setup

The home page was designed to give users quick access and overview to their appliances and to the alarm system. It is a task-based overview page.

Setting up devices was one of the most difficult part of the user journey. Smart home devices are not a daily part of users life and therefore users approach them with bias. To overcome this issue, the setup process for every single smart home device was designed with a very step by step approach to avoid any kind of confusion. Here is the setup flow of a motion sensor device;  

Smart rules

Creating rules is the main thing that actually enables us to place the adjective "smart" in front of the name "home". Rules are the bits in our app that actually helps users in their life. The biggest challenge involved in designing rules was to show users what are the possibilities. That's why we distributed rules into 4 different categories to facilitate  the way users understand capabilities of smart rules.  Here are the screens from the web app and flows from the mobile app;

More coming soon...

All Turkcell Smart Home devices
All Turkcell Smart Home devices