Christ Lutheran Church
Elise Joy Motzny
2D & 3D Graphic Designer
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Christ Lutheran Church

Everyone is Welcome, Including You!

Graphic and Web Designer at CLC:

I work remotely for Christ Lutheran Church as their Graphic Artist and Web/Social Media Event Coordinator, and am responsible for:

  • Organizing CLC's website using Wordpress for usability and functionality
  • Frequently create event banner ads for their Website and Facebook page 

Organizing the Website

Website Usability Update

Before my help, the website was unusable and hardly updated. Web surfers could not easily find items while web editors (the church's main team) could not understand how to edit content without adding more clutter. 

With my help, what was once an abundance of sub-pages upon sub-pages were organized and collated. Teaching the team how to use the wordpress theme, creating lovely image links, combing pages or eliminating whole pages helped solve the website's main problems.

Ministries Image Links

The Ministries menu button used to be a hover over button that would display a list of items that would roll off the screen or be overwhelming to mobile users. 

With this solution, everyone gets a clear idea of what each group is about without being overwhelmed by sub-pages.

This iteration could be improved with text titles instead of image titles. A solution for the legibility for the tiny captions might also be necessary, but overall this iteration is significantly better than the previous. 

"You have made our website so colorful! Thank you."

- John Williams

Event Ads and Banners

Web Event Banners and Facebook Ads

For the past six-months, I've been building upon an event ad campaign for the Christ Lutheran to use every year. Every month turns out at least one new banner. 

Most of the time, I am left to my own devices. They need these ads turned out quickly to attract the most guests to their events and to save them money. I assure that the content I create remains attractive, moving, and consistent as they gain more attention online and at their events.

CLC Business Card Design:

  • Use the Church's existing Logo
  • Choose colors that are calming but inviting

Best Accomplishment

Since hiring me in October 2017, their hits on their Facebook page and Website has increased. With more photos, more information, and more content being shared regularly through my regular good works they gain exposure. More exposure for them doesn't mean business but a means to more easily to share their love of God and that Everyone is Welcome.