Christie's Dairy Delights N' Coffee
Elise Joy Motzny
2D & 3D Graphic Designer
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Christie's Dairy Delights N' Coffee

THE place in Palatine for the best coffee and ice cream.

Christie's Flyer Creator

I used to be a Barista at Christie's Coffee House in Palatine. I recently started helping them create flyer design that were quick to save on time and money. 

Full Color Flyers...

"Design something for general use, to leave out at parties and corporate events, and with lots of pictures of our products!"

                                             - Chandini Duvvuri, Christie's Owner

"Elise is back?!! I LOVE HER!"

- Catherine: 7 am Large Decaf Xeno's Blend

Triple Role: Barista, Graphic Designer, & Neighborhood Friend.

My Favorite Learned Trait: I remember your name. And not just at my cafe anymore: Someone I met at a conference, the guy who fixes my car (Max!), and my co-workers at the office. 

The amount of joy you can bring to others just by simply remembering their name and pronouncing it with a genuine smile is wonderfully astounding. Try it! I'll bet they perk up even just a little.