Ever, Jane
Elise Joy Motzny
2D & 3D Graphic Designer
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Ever, Jane

Role-Play in the Regency Era in this Jane Austen inspired MMO.

My Daily Life with 3 Turn Productions:

  • 3 Turn Productions was the second game company I ever worked for.
  • I worked on Ever Jane for two years remotely, with only ever meeting one of my team-members in person.  I never met my team residing in Boulder, but I still miss them today as if we were a close-nit family. 
  • I put together the world by creating the game's GUI, 3D models for props and environments, planted whole estate gardens, and assisted with game design ideas.
  • The game unfortunately ended its state in Beta, but the experiences I received still assist me today.

2D Graphical User Interface

It all started with a 'Corner'...

'EJ can you design something that looks and feels like that top-left corner, but across the whole screen?'

     - Judy Tyrer, Founder



Gather Reference

We wanted something with wrought iron detail and light filigree. We did not wish to over burden the user with too many intricate details, but still feel elegant and true to its corner cousin.

Sketch from Reference

Here is the best sketch with Reference images nearby.


After approval, I brought the sketch into Illustrator to get my initial vector lines using the free-form pencil tool and my Wacom tablet.

Finalize Chatbox Asset

Finally, I created a style to re-use over and over again in Photoshop, then saved the asset out in pieces for use in Unity!

Personality Menu

Your character would increase or decrease in these traits as the choices you make directly influence your life and the lives of others around you.

Buttons! Everyone <3's Buttons!

Up-states & Down-states are shown here. In such a small icon is is crucial for only the important visual information to be displayed. If we hadn't cropped out most of the silhouetted character's head in the 'shh whisper' icon, the finger or symbolism would be read differently. This collection went though a few minor iterations for clarity of silhouette and symbolism, as shown below.

Silhouette and Symbolism

Ever, Jane required the use of many buttons.  In this image, the old buttons are displayed on the left and the ideas for each one are on the right. You can compare what was chosen by looking above.

Each button was required to follow the already instilled rosy vintage necklace style, while also clearly displaying silhouette to convey the proper symbolism to the player.

For example, the 'Family Button'  might have looked more interesting with the collected silhouette containing pets, but the button's small size caused the idea to loose clarity. When you cross your eyes, they look like one giant blob verses the collection of standing family members remained looking like standing people.

How I could have helped more:

If more time were allotted in the making of Ever, Jane I would have loved to do so much more to help the game succeed.

  • Re-haul the game's GUI framework to be less overwhelming to the player. Less information being displayed all at once, with more legible fonts and context.
  • Assist with the games main fighting weapon: the Gossip System to be clear and fun for players.
  • Upgrade the lighting capabilities either by upgrading the engine to Unity 5 to utilize PBR.

"EJ is clearly a kind person who is both highly motivated and easy to work with. Any studio would benefit from her talent and warm personality. I very much enjoy working with her and hope I get the chance again in the future.

- Sarah Arington, Producer

3D Assets

More 3D Assets Available Soon...

When working on a game for two years, I made an entire slew of 3D assets. More can be shown by request, or will be added here as needed.