Yeti's Quest iOS
Elise Joy Motzny
2D & 3D Graphic Designer
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Yeti's Quest iOS

The loveable Yeti Endless Runner game for iOS

It all started when...

  • Yeti Activity founders Vivik and Kiran wished to create their dream videogame reflecting their culture and the challenges of climbing the mountain of life. 
  • I started working on Yeti's Quest in the summer of 2014, after graduating from Columbia College in Chicago
  • My responsibilities were in abundance as both the game's an Art director and a 3D Artist, I helped bring the games entire look and feel to life.

GUI Design

Yeti's Quest needed a simple design, something to activate powers and simply move the character left, right, and jump, without confusion while everything was coming at the player all at one time.

Guiding Questions:

  • The entire game followed a Tibetian-Cartoony art style that I built up over a few months of research and pre-production time.
  • Our largest inspiration for this game's GUI and Environment was from Tibetian Art Books and images from Nepal.

Level Select

  • We wanted a hand painted scroll that felt like an Asian fountain ink pen map, but with cute colors that matched the games happy tune. 
  • I hand painted the interior scroll environment and art directed the rest of the UI with my partner, Kasia.
  • We were inspired to go with this idea because we wanted our players to be able to see the entire mountain.
  • (Not pictured here) The Level Select Buttons only turn from black and white ink to color when the player finishes that level.

What have I learned from this project?

  • My largest accomplishment on this game was when we lost our lead game designer, I helped save the game from being released too early. With my list of things to finish in hand and reasons why releasing so soon would hurt the game, we worked for another 3 months to polish off Yeti's Quest.

  • My largest failure on this project was not understanding how to prepare, release, and finish a game project... But despite all of that, it still worked out in the end. I learned how to be more successful on future projects, how to be more prepared, and how to manage my clients' expectations.